Digital & Printed sheet music from an audio recording or MIDI performance    Music Score Production using professional computer scoring software is also offered by Sound-Board. Scores and instrumental parts for any size of ensemble can be produced, from solo instrumental/vocal pieces to large-scale orchestral and choral works and all genres of music are available.  All work is produced to publication standard. We can add lyrics, notes and even produce piano reductions from multi-part arrangements for rehearsal. How it works - We can transcribe your music from hand-written music, MIDI file or audio CD/MP3 file We are often asked to transcribe music from a recording in order to produce a printed, scored version.  Please bear in mind that this is a two-stage process - the actual listening and transcribing of the music from the recording, followed by the work to produce a printed score. This will obviously be reflected in any price quotation given and will be more expensive than producing a printed score from a handwritten version or MIDI file that already exists.
Music Transcription  Sound-Board Music & Audio Services, 2014
Our transcription services at a glance Transcription Services - for composers, songwriters and instrumentalists who do not readily work in music notation. Transposition - of existing, printed music to any desired key. Orchestration and Arranging - of your original music. From solo instruments and voices to large ensembles, orchestra and choir. MIDI Files - have your standard MIDI files converted into music notation. Also have arrangements of your music made into standard midi files. Schools - Exam papers, tests and quiz layout masters prepared. Also - have music arranged and scored for your orchestra and choir.
NOTE: All original arrangements are our copyright. It is your responsibility to obtain any necessary licence or copyright clearance for the performance of music, in the arrangements you request, from the holder of the original copyright.
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