Soundtracks & Voice-overs  Sound-Board Music & Audio Services, 2014
Soundtracks and Support Music Sound-Board have written a wide range of soundtracks for use in commercial DVD/Video productions advertising materials and support music for stage shows. We can produce instrumental scores (orchestral, contemporary or a mixture of the two) either working from sheet music, an original recording (on CD, tape or MP3), or we can write original music for your production. Let us come to you! We offer a location recording service where we can record voice, voice and picture or just ambience for any film production or interview. We can even record multi-track audio on location. We can record audio virtually anywhere and in conjunction with our sister company, Dory Video Productions we can offer fill voice-to- camera shoots as well. Please enquire for more information.   Voice-over production Recording your voice-over demo or commercial production couldn't be easier than at Sound-Board. We can sync your video and audio perfectly as well as providing a video link to the live room for lip sync and voice-over work. If you need any assistance with this specialist production please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.
Sound-Board Voiceover and Soundtrack Demos by Sound-Board
You can hear some examples of work we have done in the past using the player below.
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