Multi-track Audio Recording  Sound-Board Music & Audio Services, 2014
Voice Recording
Multi-track Recording
We're not limited to studio recording either; with portable recording systems and a range of field recorders and location microphones we can offer audio recording for live concerts, voice-to-camera, film and ENG work.
Field/Location Recording
We use all of the latest studio technology to be able to record and mix your track just the way you want it. The studio PC has more than enough power and memory to handle the largest of track counts and a multitude of real (or virtual) instruments.
Processing Power
With the ability to record 36 pristine digital tracks at the same time (unlimited audio tracks can be recorded in groups of 36), we can cater for a range of recording needs. We can recorded anything from solo piano performances to small bands. our rates are very competitive and start at just £25/hr.  
Working from your instrumental recording, a commercial backing track, MIDI files, or your original multi-track recording, we can add your vocal performance, and many vocal overdubs to produce the perfect vocal take. We also have the tools to finely edit any performance to produce the result you want.
Sound-Board Recordings by Sound-Board
Hear an example of studio work
Using the player above you can hear examples of recordings made in the studio, either live band recordings or multi-track overdubs. If you want an MP3 demo of a track or an example of a studio recording please ask, we are happy to email you a file to listen to on your MP3 player or HiFi. All recorded work is provided to you on CD or as a high quality WAV or MP3 (high bitrate) file from our download site.
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